Trash Hopper

Making collection day easier, two bins at a time!

Made in the USA

To ensure ease of use, quality, and durability.

Hauling your trash won’t bug you anymore!


Under 5lbs!
Easily stored

Fully functional 365 days year!


Hauls 1-2 trash bins

Simplistic design
Effortless hauling
Attach and go

About the TrashHopper

The TrashHopper saves you time and saves your back from maneuvering heavy, dirty garbage cans! Now you can easily and efficiently move your trash bins to the street on collection day!

The TrashHopper can be used in ANY WEATHER CONDITION without the ball receiver, by attaching to the chain hole on your vehicle.

The finish is extremely durable and will give you a lifetime of use.

Designed to be used on private driveways. Short, long, flat or with a steep driveway the TrashHopper will work for you!

Do not use on public roads. Do not reverse or back up while the TrashHopper is attached to vehicle. Do not exceed 15mph.

The TrashHopper comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

  • Easy to use and store
  • Secure lids so trash won’t spill
  • Can haul 1 or 2 bins at the same time
  • No more wrestling your trash bins
  • Made in USA
  • Simple and light weight
  • Attaches to cars, trucks, ATVs, and more
  • Use with or without the hitch ball attachment
Hard to pass on a product that makes your life easier, and you only have to purchase once! Jacob Nagel

Milwaukee, WI

Got my unit today and i actually used it tonight. 330 feet to street is a breeze now. I needed this 9 years ago. Hate to say this as i am a working man but this thing is worth every cent I paid. Thanks!

Don B

Winder, GA

Where has this been all my life?! What a timesaver, and so easy to use! Devan Daniels

Madison, WI

The Trash Hopper hooks up easily and really ‘delivers’. I recommend it to all of my neighbors! James W.

Ames, IO

I used to dread trash day and the hassle of hauling my cans down – and back up – my 500 foot hilly driveway. The Trash Hopper really lightens the load! Kevin W.

Provo, UT

My wife couldn’t believe just how affectively it transported our two cans up our 1/4 mile gravel driveway.

Stephen D.

Alexander, NC

I bought a Trash Hopper for my mom. She’s getting up there in years and this is easy for her. Bob M.

Helena, MT

Finally, a solution to dragging my garbage cans up and down our long drive! And so affordable, too! Cindy L.

Lyon, MI

Does the TrashHopper work on any type of driveway?
Yes! Whether your driveway is long, short, steep flat, or even gravel, the TrashHopper is guaranteed to be effective, and efficient.
Is the TrashHopper actually going to make my life easier?
The TrashHopper was created to add simplicity, ease, and cleanliness to collection day.
What if my trash bins are overflowing?
The TrashHopper is specifically designed so that overflowing bins will not be a problem.
Is the TrashHopper easy to connect?
Yes, simply set the TrashHopper connector in the chain hole on your vehicle, or slide the TrashHopper connector into the Hitch.
Can the Trash Hopper pull two different size bins?
Yes, it seems a little odd hooking them up but once you pull forward they align evenly, amazing!

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